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This is in-car footage and driver interview from the 2023 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  After two years of bad weather, we finally had a sunny race day.  It was a successful year with a 23 second improvement on our best time ever.  Enjoy!

Latest News

Novembre Racing is extremely proud at the successes that we have been able to accomplish thus far.   But we are far from done.  Every year, we work to take our program to the next level.  We now have a platform that really can challenge the top drivers and teams in the world at one of the most insane races in the world, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  We have set our sights on a new milestone, the 9-minue barrier!  With the improvements that we have planned for the car, we believe we can be one of 4 other drivers to make such a feat happen.  Come join our team and follow along as we work towards our goals! 

Fan's Corner
​​About Novembre Racing

The Novembre Racing team was first formed in 2008 from a chance finding of a craigslist ad featuring a Wells Coyote, the classic Pikes Peak Open Wheel car that has dominated its class since the 1980's. However, driver Dan Novembre's passion and love of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb started long before...

2024 Race Schedule

1.  Rangely Hill Climb

     May 11-12, 2024

     Rangely, CO

2. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

     June 17-23, 2024

     Colorado Springs, CO

3. Lands End Hill Climb

    August 3-4, 2024

    Grand Junction, CO

4. Temple Canyon Hill Climb

     August 31 - September 1, 2024

     Canon City, CO

5. PPIR Hill Climb

     September 28-29, 2024

     Fountain, CO

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