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Novembre Racing
Novembre Racing
The Driver: Dan Novembre


A race enthusiest all his life, Dan Novembre has been chasing his dreams ever since his older brother first introduced him to the classic racing simulator games "Indycar Racing" and F1's "World Circuit." ​ Little did he know that the countless hours of gaming was training his reflexes to become a competitor in one of the most iconic races of our time, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. 


​Shortly after moving the Colorado Springs in 1993, Dan attended his first PPIHC in person and fell in love from the beginning.  No other event allows the local grassroots racer to compete on the same playing field as the multi-million dollar factory efforts.  It's this discovery that enabled Dan to realize his dream of becoming a Race Car driver.

The Crew:
Patrick Bernard, Joe Lemmond, Sam Bernard, Matt Drollinger, Matt Kennedy, Eric Luther, Abby Bernard, and Paul Brown


Best and hardest working crew on Pikes Peak, hands down! Just a Bunch of Friends (JBOF) joined forces in with Novembre Racing in 2019 and the results speak for themselves! We quickly broke through our plateau and into the 9s on Pikes Peak thanks to the sharp eye and tutelage of the crew.  We can't thank them enough for the dedication and resilience that they prove time and time again!  Recently, we have taken on additional engineering skill sets that with specific specialties that will help us get to the elite level on Pikes Peak! 

The Support Crew:
Wife and Kiddos - Kajsa, Moses, Haley, Rhys, Annie, and Luke!


Best to hear in the words of our driver Dan Novembre -

"Nothing is possible without the love and support of my family.  This 'hobby' is truly a family effort and I owe so much to be able to follow my dreams.  I love you so much and you are the best part of my life."  Now you know where the KMHRAL Special came to be, the acronym of the most important people in my life.  :)

Fabrication and Tuning - Mofab LLC

The reason for the speed of the Novembre Racer is attributed to the dedicated, attention-to-detail, fun-going Mofab crew (Scotty, Adam, Nick). You guys are amazing!



The Unlimited Car: 2013 Wolf GB08S TC Special


Engine: RPE Hayabusa V8, 2.7L

ECU: Motec

Transmission: Sadev SLR82-14 Six Speed Sequential

Paddleshift: Shiftec

Wheels: Wolf, 13 in.

Tires: Pirelli Hill Climb Specials

Weight: 1460 lbs.

Power: TBD (making improvements this year!)

Tuned by: Mofab LLC in Parker, CO

The Open Wheel Car: 2016 Novembre Pikes Peak Special


Engine: Nissan 350z, VQ35DE, Twin-Turbo

Turbos: Garret GT25-550, .63 A/R

ECU: AEM Infinity 710

Transmission: Weddle Gen3 S5 Sequential 5-speed

Wheels: Weld Racing RTS Series, 18" Rear, 15" Front

Tires: Hoosier Racing, A7's

Weight: 1850 lbs.

Power: 800hp, 550 ft*lbs torque


Tuned by: Mofab LLC in Parker, CO


The Dirt Car: 2017 Novembre Wells Coyote

Engine: Nissan 350z, VQ35DE, Naturally Aspirated

ECU: AEM Series 2

Transmission: Mendeola MD4E 4-speed

Wheels: Composite 15" Rear, American Racing 15" Front

Tires: Hoosier Racing, Specials

Weight: 1650 lbs.

Power: 275hp, 250 ft*lbs torque


Tuned by: Mofab LLC in Parker, CO


The Race: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb


The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is a long-standing tradition in Colorado Springs and the second oldest motor sports event in the United States.  Fan Fest, with participation of 35,000+ spectators, will kick off the celebration on the Friday evening prior to the event.


The race is run on a 12.42 mile (19.99 kilometer) course that begins at 9,390 feet (2,862.07 meters) above sea-level and finishes at the 14,115 foot (4,302.25 meters) Summit of spectacular; Pikes Peak – Americas Mountain. As the drivers climb toward the Summit, the thin air slows reflexes and saps muscle strength in addition to robbing internal combustion engines of up to 30% of the power they were capable

of at the Start Line. Competitors and vehicles must be in top shape and condition simply to finish, let alone win. This year’s race features five divisions and seven classes of motorcycles/quads, and four divisions and eight classes of cars/trucks challenging the fully paved Pikes Peak Highway.



The Race Series: Colorado Hill Climb Association


The Colorado Hill Climb Association (CHCA) was founded in 1971 to pomote "hill climb" racing in Colorado and surounding states. The club's first race was held in Las Alamos, NM. The CHCA was to be an off shoot of the famed Pikes Peak Hill Climb and a place for racers to test their cars, hone their skills and have a great time more than one race a year. Many of the original members were (and some still are) active throughout the past 39yrs throughout various race venues in the Pikes Peak region and beyond. The CHCA, while promoting the great sport of Automobile racing works hard with local community members, business, the Forest Service and law enforcement agencies throughout the state to host safe, competitive, and entertaining activities for racers and fans alike.

Clifton Hill Climb


The Clifton Hill Climb is back! Come drive, spectate, and enjoy the hospitality of the beautiful town of Clifton, AZ.  The event is a timed race up a 1.9 mile course consisting of 22 turns and 586 feet of elevation gain, set in scenic eastern AZ.

Mt. Washington Hill Climb


The Subaru Mt. Washington Hillclimb is a very challenging and techincal Hill Climb up a super steep 7.6 mile paved road,  With plenty of action from start to finish, on the steep, curvy and picturesque Mt. Washington Auto Road, spectators of this race will enjoy thrilling race action AND breathtaking views of the White Mountains and beyond!



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