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New happenings at Novembre Racing

You may have noticed a bunch of logo's displayed at the bottom of this page. Needless to say, it has been a busy offseason and there is much excitement in store for this upcoming race season.

I am so thankful for the following companies that have joined this race program as we move to the next level in 2015. We look forward to promoting their brand in the best possible way.

MAC Autosport

Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek

Borriello Brothers Pizza

PBS Transaxles

Garrett Turbochargers

Hoosier Racing Tires

Weld Racing Wheels

Odyssey Batteries

With the support we have confirmed for the 2015 race season, Novembre racing is currently working on upgrading the car to be as competitive as ever. Major changes include:

  • PBS S5 Transaxle (Sequential shift, 5 speed) that will allow for quick-shifts and shorter gearing to keep the motor in the power-band

  • Garrett Turbochargers (GTX2871R's) that have been optimized by Garrett Engineers for our application

  • New front and rear wings for Pikes Peak that will produce more downforce

  • A7 Racing slicks for Pikes Peak

  • Weld Racing wheels for Pikes Peak

  • New Odyssey Batteries that will save precious weight

  • Other minor tweeks and adjustments from last year's lessons learned

Thanks again and we can’t wait to see you out there at the start line!

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