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2023 Campaign under construction!

There is a lot to be excited about with this upcoming year. We have settled on our new goals for 2023:

  • Complete a sub 9:00 run on Pikes Peak in the Unlimited Division

  • Be the fastest Naturally Aspirated car ever on Pikes Peak (Currently 9:35.490)

  • Win the Unlimited division and be in the top 5 overall!

Now that we have our sites set, we are busy making upgrades to the car to make that happen. Gearset updates and aero package updates are the primary focus areas. With more sponsor support, we plan to make some engine modifications and revamp our whole fuel system.

These new improvements would increase our power by 27%, increase downforce by 35%, and increasing our acceleration by 40% making a sub 9-minute attempt possible.

We have also added key members to our team that bring a great wealth of experience to help us with the electrical, mechanical, and business aspects of our Racing Program.

Watch out for new updates and announcements for one of the most promising years ever for our program. The excitement is in the air!

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