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To the top again!!!

We took the Overdrive Raceway special to the top of Pikes Peak again! This time we made some new milestones:

2nd in Open Wheel class (Previous best was 4th)

12th Overall (Previous best was 15th)

10:10.701 (Previous best time was 10:25.624)

The off-season was spent designing and building a new car. Not an easy task! With little seat time before race day, we improved dramatically from last year and are still developing the setup of the car. There is much potential left in the new chassis and we still have ours sights becoming a member of the 9 minute club on Pikes Peak.

Here is a picture crossing the finish line. The same picture made the Sports Page in the Gazette on Monday, June 27th after the race. An article was written summarizing our efforts. Also seen on social media around the world!

We could not have done it without the support the following Sponsors and we sincerely thank you for your support:

Overdrive Raceway

MAC Autosport

Wildwood Casino

Boriello Brothers New York Style Pizza

Turbo by Garrett

Hoosier Tire

AEM Electronics

A huge thank you goes to Kajsa Novembre, The Mac Autosport boys: Adam Skippy McMahan, Shayne Kennedy, Matt Arian, and Nick McMahan, Rodney O'Maley, Earl O'Maley, Ben Kravitz, Erny Shucraft, Pete Novembre, Susana Novembre, my kids: Moses, Haley, Rhys, and Anniston. None of this is possible without you.

Our work is not done for the year. Labor Day is fast approaching and we will take our new car to Arizona to defend our King of the Hill title from last year. Wish us luck!

-Dan Novembre

Novembre Racing

Pikes Peak Hill Climb, #28

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