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Rain, Rain, go away!

Well, despite the weather, fun times were still had at the Temple Canyon Hill Climb in Canon City this weekend. Saturday, we were able to get two runs in before the course was shut down. I was the second to last car to run, and it was down-pouring during it! Even though I knew my time didn't matter, it was a blast trying to see though my fogged visor and sliding all over the place. :) We ended the day qualified in 2nd place. With the limited seat-time I was happy with where we were at.

Sunday's runs were night and day from each other. The early run still had a damp track that was mostly pretty tacky and fast, but mixed in with some mud holes that made for some interesting moments. The track dried out much more than expected for the afternoon run and I was fighting to keep the tires from breaking loose. Even with a faster time for the second run, I ended up in fourth place just outside the podium by 16 hundredths of a second to Jay Stewart! We didn't get the result we were looking for, but learned a lot with the new transmission and have some ideas for the next race.

Thanks to Mark Wieller and crew, O'Malley Clan, and Ben Kravitz for all the help this weekend.

Looks like this year is starting out just like last year ended, with Jay and I neck to neck. The battle is fun and I look forward to more close racing to come. See you all at CORE June 6th and 7th!

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